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Contributions and publications by the artist

2015 The Drawer, Volume 8, Le Banquet, Spring 2015.

2011 The Pledge, Palais Magazine, issue #14. 'Pylône', Paris, F.

2011 The Dialogues of the Objects I-V, booklet, Art Basel 42: Statements, Basel.

2011 On View, Worldwide, for the Month Of..., calender with contributions by Alexandre Singh, Kunstverein New York.

2011 The School for Objects Criticized, booklet, London: Hollybush Gardens.

2010 Cabinet Magazine, 10th anniversary issue, December.

2010 Art:Review Magazine, cover, The Power 100 issue, November.

2010 Encyclopedia of Fictional Artists (1605 - today) + The Addition: Brams, Koen / Gruijthuijsen, Krist (ed.), contribution by Alexandre Singh, Zurich: JRP Ringier.

2010 Reasons to be Cheerful!, Frieze, issue 131, May.

2010 PALAIS / Magazine: DYNASTY, contribution by Alexandre Singh, issue # 12, Summer.

2010 Notes (a character named Miss-Chief; concerning the possible asymmetry of time; a room full of chairs and stools, arguing)', INPUT Journal, second iteration, March, pp. 254 – 261.

2009 Assembly Instructions (IKEA, Manzoni, Klein et al.), transparencies and lecture notes, Art Lies, issue 64, Winter, pp. 26-37.

2009 Cecchetti, Alex (ed.) / Singh, Alexandre: ‚The Restored Symmetry. The Game Show’, The UNREADy Magazine, February, pp. 17 – 20.

2009 Freeman, Jonah / Lowe, Justin / Singh, Alexandre (ed.): ‚Hello Methlab in the Sun’, exhibition catalogue, texts by Liam Gillick, Alison de Lima Greene, David Hollander, Raimundas Malasauskas, Ballroom Marfa, Marfa.

2008 Christopherson, Ella (ed.) / Singh, Alexandre: ‚The Marque of the Third Stripe’, Preromanbritain, New York / Monitor Gallery, Rome.

2008 Saluti da Roma, postcard guide of Rome with a contribution by Alexandre Singh et al., Nero Magazine (ed.) / Manifesta 7, Rome.

2008 Arvanitis, Yannis / Gianni, Ilaria / Gurlek, Nazli (ed.) / et al.: ‚A Fine Red Line - A Curatorial Miscellany’, contribution by Alexandre Singh, London: IM Press.

2008 A Thousand and one Knights of the Round Table of Knottingham, in: Fusco, Maria (ed.): The Happy Hypocrite – Linguistic Hardcore, issue 1, London: Bookworks, pp. 26 – 33.

Selected books and catalogues

2013 Alexandre Singh. The Pledge, The Drawing Center, New York.

2010 Fronsacq, Julien: 'Alexandre Singh', in: 'DYNASTY', PALAIS de Tokyo and Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, exhibition catalogue, pp.147-149.

2009 Fax, The Drawing Center / Independent Curators International, New York.

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2008 Stancliff, Kate: 'Alexandre Singh', in: 'In this Tale, I cannot guarantee a single word', exhibition catalogue Royal College of Art London, pp. 128-129.

2007 Marston, Rebecca May: 'Alexandre Singh', Norwich: East International.

Selected articles and reviews

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2015 Kino der Kunst startet am 22 April, Nachrichten München, Online, 15 April.

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